7 Weirdly Amazing Gadgets

As technology is advancing we are also witnessing some cool, some weird, some efficient devices to help us out in our daily life. Even if they do not help you they will definitely give you a great advantage and make your life easy and make you smart. The type of technology we have around us today was just an imagination 5 years back. But today they are real and you will not believe how much the world has changed around you.

These gadgets are not just smart but they are also an efficient alternate to many existing technologies. Technology has advanced in such a way that it is very difficult to imagine how we would have survived without them. Now these gadgets have became the requirement of every household to make life easier. And to help you make it easier I have created a list of few latest gadgets which you must have at your home to get ahead of your friends and families.


1. Infinity Orb Magnetic Levitating Speaker

It is a set of a Bluetooth speaker and a colorful LED base. It  has Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity within 10 mtr. range. Connect it with your mobile device and let the speaker at the center of the base to levitate it and give a 3D surround effect. It can be a perfect gift for your family, friends, and relatives.

Price ₹9,000


2. ‎Baybot Motion Alert

It is just an advanced motion detector device which you can use at multiple location in your home. Just download the app & connect it with your smartphone, all done. It detects movement accurately & sends instant notification on your smartphone. You can use it for security purposes or children’s room, or near your lockers. It even detects motion of pets in your home.

It can be installed on ceiling or wall and has a range of 5mtr. It can be used with batteries or also direct supply via micro USB cable.  Hassle free quick installation.

Price ₹1,849



3. ‎Wipro WiFi Smart Plug

Well Alexa and Google assistant have now become the important part of our life and most homes today have their intelligence support today. And if you don’t have either of them in your house till now, I am sure you would badly want it after reading about this amazing product.

This is just another simple looking socket for your appliances like AC, Geyser, TV or any electronic device. As the name suggest ‘smart’ you just have to give a command to your Alexa or Google device and watch this socket do wonders for you. Surely once in a life you have wished to have power to switch ON or OFF the appliances without leaving your bed, here’s the solution. And also you can use other functions also like tracking the units of electricity spent in particular time span, also it has automatic ON-OFF functions for appliances. There are other features also available on its app.

Price ₹990



4. DUDAO Face Follower 360°

So many of you might not agree with me on this but for me it is one of the useful gadget. This is a simple Face Tracker which works as a Tripod stand for your mobile also. It is very helpful for making videos since it tracks you and keep you in the center by rotating your mobile device attached on it. Also useful for those taking webinars or presentations online via phone. Supports many other apps that have live video chat options. It uses 3 AA batteries to operate. And you can also adjust the speed of the rotation.

Price ₹1,990



5. ‎Kodak Mini 3 Retro

There are a number of portable printers available in the market today that are really fast, lightweight & at the same time capable of  printing your photos directly from your smartphones. You just have to download the app supporting the printer and that’s all. Just click on the photo you want to print and boom.

As I mentioned there are a number of options available in this category, but I would pick Kodak Mini 3 Retro from all. The reasons behind this are it prints larger photos that are 3″ X 3″, Photos are waterproof, also these photos are color accurate and also these are more similar to real photos.

There are few other options like hp, Canon, Prynt Pocket which are also good if you want your photos to be a sticker type. These papers come with stick back and you just remove it like normal stickers. But they are not good when it comes to waterproof pictures. Prynt and hp have an extra feature, where you can play a short video by pointing towards any photo that was recorded while you were going to click that particular picture.

Price ₹9,990



6. ‎Mojipic Car LED Display

This is one of its own kind smart LED Display for your car. It can display any emoji, gif, logos, images, or even any QR code. It allows you to even draw any picture or gif. Most amazing feature is that it is Voice Controlled and you can even play 8-bit games on it using your mobile device.

You can express your mood or support your favorite team. Overall it has multiple application depending on the user. This is a great device and a unique piece of technology to have.

Price ₹11,201


7. ‎Hachi Puppy Cube

It is an ultra short-throw projector that can turn any flat surface into a touchscreen. It is all-in-One Immersive Smart Home Ecosystem, which is can be used at Home, Office or Kids Entertainment and Education purposes.

Believe me this is a kind of product that you must own right now, not just going by its uniqueness but also you can imagine how much easy it can make your daily works whether its official presentations or educating your children at home. Also supports apps like Netflix, Facebook, YouTube etc. Google Play is not supported at this moment. Connects via Wi-Fi, Supports resolutions up to 4K and also has a Camera.

Price ₹69,976


The world is advancing at a very fast pace, to keep up with it is not an easy thing to do. Here I have tried to list few gadgets that were once can only be imagined. But now they are reality, so get your hands on these cool gadgets and stay ahead in the race. And also you can brag with your friends and relatives about these. 😉


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