Technology Advancement : Are we in the right direction ?

Technology advancement has brought many changes in the world, whether it is the way you work or your friends. We can see changes all around us. And not only the way of working, but our thinking has also changed in such a way that if you do not use any kind of technology in today’s era, then not only the people around you but you also start thinking of yourself as backward (FOMO). If so, that’s why you have to resort to it even if you don’t want to.


If we go back a bit in time when the telephone was invented, the people of that time had never seen any such device earlier, then their first question was, What is the need for it?


Similarly, when the Internet first came, people again asked the same question What is the need for it?


It was being seen like a toy, it was seen as a gimmick, people even said that it can make you mentally ill, and it can also make you deaf.

Telegram companies were also very worried about their future, so they also started spreading many rumors. People were also concerned about companies recording their talks.


No, we are not referring to Facebook here at all.

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Similarly, when Microwave Ovens came into existence, people said that food prepared in it can be very harmful, and can lead to cancer. The World Health Organization (WHO) also did a lot of research on this and found that any such device whether it is Mobile or Microwave, can never give you cancer in any way.

But if you google, then you will get millions of results on how food cooked in the Microwave can cause cancer.


Also, if we talk about video games, then many people consider video games to cause aggressive violence. But according to a few scientific researches, people who play video games are calmer than those who do not play. But at the end of the day, this is just a research, the truth is what we have read in news from time to time.


We all must have had a question at some point in our mind how will the future be, will robots work in place of humans ??

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Because there are few works that humans would not like to do or even if they want to do, then companies will want machines to work for them because machines don’t Strike or demand an increase in pay. But we also know that machines can be hacked, humans cannot. These are those problems that are associated with technology.


It is believed that in the coming time technology will Fly your airplane, Drive your cars, and they are here in the market. But before buying one, just watch the movie Upgrade, where a self-driving car is easily hacked by someone sitting somewhere in another part of the world.


Imagine what if you have put some Robots or AI for your crop farming and they suddenly stop working, suddenly all the self-driving cars stop in the middle of the road, due to some failure, Imagine You have invested money in some AI and it suddenly collapses completely or starts giving you wrong information.


My only question is that if we all be so much dependent on technology, then wouldn’t this hamper our humanity?

Why we are convinced that technology has to control and do everything— as if we humans are powerless.

We, humans, use our eyes to see and understand something and on that our thinking is created, but this is not the case with machines, they can be hacked.

  • Will we forget some of the things that make us human in the coming future?
  • Will we stop doing the things that make us human?
  • Will we base our lives on technology so much that humanity will end?

If we analyze our whole day, we will find that most of our time revolves around technology and gadgets. Technology was created to bring people closer, but technology has made people farther. Today, there will hardly be such a person who does not use any kind of electronic gadget.


But the matter of concern here is that the amount of time we are giving to these gadgets nowadays, that time could have been utilized on some productive work.


Technology has not made us addicted but socially addicted. But the only thing to note here is that we do not know where to stop, how much do we need?


We all have to interact socially at some point in time and also keep up with society. We all know, the importance of technology in our life as well as its negative sides. Every gadget has its advantages and disadvantages


So the question comes, Is technology really that bad ??


Today every time we create an account on some app or website it asks us to create a password. And if we had to remember the password for each website it is impossible for us to do. But for machines, its quite an easy task. Hence emerged the concept of Autofill password. Now if you consider how technology is helping you to remember your most important thing (Bank a/c passwords) then really it is very overwhelming. But what in case your mobile gets hacked and all your passwords are exposed to the world. Wouldn’t that be near to death experience ?


Hence it is advised to Choose the Strong Password always. Technology always helps humans, but this technology can also affect them adversely. Therefore it is advised to keep all your passwords in a notebook or diary so that even in case the PC or mobile gets hacked, your sensitive information is not shared with the hacker. But still, if you trust technology, you should always prefer Two-factor authentication. Click here to read more about this and how you can secure your personal data.


If we focus on the negative side, then we will see only that aspect. Even if you keep yourself away from technology keeping all these things in mind, then you will cut yourself from all those innovations, all advancements, and all the things that have made our lives better.



In my opinion, technology should work FOR people. We just have to find the right balance between technology and society. Just imagine how many good things can be created using technology that yields genuinely satisfying rewards that benefit us all.



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